Are you stuck measuring the success of your digital activation campaigns against nothing besides your own previous efforts?


Qoints is a knowledge management and performance benchmarking platform that brands and their agencies are using to drive measurable improvements to their digital activation programs. Qoints compiles campaign data from consumer marketers to create industry benchmarks, and then provides a platform for marketers to compare against the averages to drive growth in sales and market share.

Influencer Discovery & Management

Data Management & Standardization

Performance Benchmarking

Actionable Insights

We work with consumer brands and their agencies to drive improvement and growth for their digital promotions.

Some brands within the dataset:

($) Million Dollars of Campaign Budgets

Launched in 2013, Qoints is an award-winning startup that is fundamentally changing the way marketers approach their digital campaigns.

By creating a repository of real live digital marketing data from campaigns of many of the world’s largest brands, and providing that data to advertising agencies and brand marketers, Qoints helps CMOs and agency owners set truly objective campaign benchmarks.

As a true disruptor, this fundamentally changes the landscape of how the effectiveness of a company’s marketing budgets is judged. The insights and predictions Qoints generates are used by brand marketers (and their agencies) to justify tactical decisions before, during and after a campaign to squeeze maximum ROI from a marketing budget.

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